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In adherence to Teacher Appreciation Week the week of, May 8th-May 12th I would like to honor all teachers with gifting a free session... This will be a full session for the teacher's family (spouse & kids) or just the teacher themself, with 20-30 images and an 11x14 canvas. You are more than welcome to enter your spouse, family member, friend or even yourself. This giveaway includes all teachers, retired teachers, aids, principals, librarians, custodians, lunch ladies, and anyone else that helps keep the schools running! Entrees will be due by May 12th and all will be entered in a random drawing. If you have any questions regarding the giveaway please do not hesitate to contact me!

The giveaway is open to teachers anywhere, not just Kinney County. However, if the winner does not live in Kinney County, there will be a travel fee.

The session must be booked between May 2023 & December 2023.

Any teachers or school staff that book a session during the summer of 2023 will receive 50% off their session.

Thank you teachers for all that you do!

-Peyton Bonner

Over the Fence Photography

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